Looseleaved: Endings

Looseleaved: Endings

If you follow my column, you will know that in the previous reading, the divination was somewhat muddled. Even I, a tasseography expert with a comparatively minimal amount of knowledge, was confounded. I prophesize that, because it was the last reading of Looseleaved, forever, for all eternity, the leaves were retaliating against me.

Whether the leaves were trolling me or not, that was the last reading for Looseleaved. Because this summer session a The Wave will be my last, and because my tendency for nostalgia has forced me to merge again to my old column, Cover Story, no more divinations will come from me.

I’ve written many good-bye letters in the past week or so, so I must keep this brief, for so many things are coming to an end in my life right now. This may not be the end, however: through my writings, perhaps you, dear reader, have learned a thing or three about tasseography.

Final quiz question: What is tasseography?

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