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Meet The Wavers


Jon Bernson: Editor-in-Chief
Rachelle Banares: Managing Editor
Michael Falsetto-Mapp: Art Director

Assistant Editors:






Sasha Nakamura: Copy Editor
From Thoughts to Poems








Michelle Ton: Photo Editor







Angeline Vo: Copy Editor
Here Lai’s Our Truth


Senior Columnists:

Hannah Guan: Motion of the Ocean







Elsie Karlak: Fast Past







Chloe Rimer: Chloe Smiles







Joyce Truong: Postcards From







Michael Yu: Ambitious Animations Batteries








Clayton Au: CLAY’SMIND







Matthew Chen: The Perfect Ballad







Clint Kessler: Paper Alien







Sam Kuang: Helianthus







Leah Mitchell: Not a Phase







Sammi Strong: Journey to the Pilot







Jacob Thompson: Is This The Real Life







Nicole Van Fleet Kingery: Imaginary Paint







Billie Zeng: Inside the Riptide