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The Crew

Kylie Choi Sidestreet Runway
Melina Diaz The Meme-ing of Life
Yolanda Feng Just 3D It
Emy Gepilano Quiet on Set
Margaret Goeke Exposure
Hiroya Gojo From Zero to a Game/Preschool Philosophy
Erin Ichimura Mint in Canthem
Jade Ichimura The Ultimate Mover’s Guide to Multiverse Travels
Ciara Kosai Midnight Snack Homeshake™
Katrina Lau Trash Talk
Hannah Liu Find Your Voice
Lauren Lynch YUM!
Louise Masong Creating the Happy
Emily Mei Meiflowers
Lola Miller-Henline let’s Talk About Sex
Alicia Ng Between the Seams
Nelson Poon Reel Snacks
Gian Paolo Sabatini The Art of “Fake” Fake Political Caricatures
Devon Saucedo 11.5 x 4
Juana Tostado Where the Two Worlds Meet
Angelina Wong The Art of Robotics
Leticia Zhao Love Out Loud

Jon Bernson Editor-in-Chief
Michael Falsetto-Mapp Art Director
Glenn Jackson Managing Editor