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Apply to Our Summer Program!



Join us and become a columnist at Sunset Media Wave! Together, we are creating a multi-multimedia website dedicated to high school artistic expression. This summer, spend seven weeks completing one project that you’re passionate about. Your creation will be included in our special summer issue of The Wave (aka Sunset Micro Wave, Vol. 4)!

Given the developing situation with the pandemic, we are still in the process of planning our summer program. Your safety is our priority so we are working out ways to best run our program, whether in person, virtually or as a hybrid. Stay tuned! Whatever happens, we guarantee The Wave will be amazing this summer!

Application Questions (Your responses will remain confidential)

Please answer the following questions in an email to Your responses will remain confidential. During this pandemic, we are committed to supporting diversity and holding space for the most vulnerable members of our San Francisco youth population.

  1. Write one paragraph about a passion you’d like to develop into a one month project this summer for our zine!
  2. Are you self-motivated? We are looking for teens who can come up with great ideas and then follow through. Please write one paragraph about your ability to get things done on time. Give an example or two.
  3. Where do you go to high school? What year are you?
  4. Please include 2-3 samples of your work. If you are a musician, send a link to SoundCloud or YouTube. If you are an artist, send us some photos of your work, or a link to your Iinstagram. If you are a writer, please share examples of your writing. Etc.


  • Completion of an original project for Sunset Micro Wave, Vol. 4.
  • Promotion of the completed zine.
  • 80 hours of participation between June 21-August 6.
  • Attending (either in-person or virtually) 3 days per week between 2-6 pm.


  • Financial stipend of $250.
  • Killer snacks!
  • Certificate and letter of recommendation for job and college applications (if needed).
  • Create with a community of artistic teens.


Our headquarters are at 3925 Noriega Street in the Outer Sunset. We may or may not be able to meet in person this summer, depending on health guidelines.


Please use to contact Sunset Media Wave with any questions. Check out our latest issue of Sunset Micro Wave, ideally from a computer or laptop with earbuds/headphones!

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