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Apply to Our Program


Sunset Media Wave’s Founding Members (2014)

2020 SPRING CYCLE (January 27 – May 15)!


“Early Applications Encouraged!” – Ruth Nader Ginsberg

Join us and become a member of Sunset Media Wave! Together, we create a multi-platform/multimedia website dedicated to San Francisco teenagers. You bring something you’re passionate about, and we’ll help you turn it into a column. (Columns can be visual, musical, written, or otherwise.) You come two afternoons per week for three months. We offer up a great space, technology, friends, web-savvy adults, and expertise. It’s time for teens to voice themselves, shake things up, change the world, and change the web!

Application Questions

Please answer the following five questions in an email. Send it to THE WAVE at If you have questions before applying, feel free to hit us up at the same address.

  1. What are you passionate about? Write one paragraph about an interest you’d like to develop into a column (examples: art, music, current events, fashion, technology, gossip, culture, food, sports, shopping, anything specific).
  2. Are you self-motivated? We are looking for teens who can come up with great ideas and then follow through. Please write one paragraph about your ability to get things done on time. Give an example or two.
  3. What is your greatest skill? Please write one paragraph about a personal quality you are confident about. Please provide examples of your work: a portfolio (if you have one), scanned artwork, SoundCloud sounds, photos, writing, a photo of a project, whatever you feel is relevant to your skill.
  4. Please provide us with the contact information for the two references listed below.
    – One teacher with email address
    – One friend with email address
  5. Where do you go to high school? What year are you?
  6. Tell us which schedule works best for you): January 27 – May 15.
    a. Mondays & Wednesdays 3:30 pm – 6 pm
    b. Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:30 pm – 6 pm
    c. Another combination of two days per week (Monday – Thursday) ____________________


  • Commitment for 80 (65 Hours Total Onsite Attendance)
  • Development of an original multimedia column for SMW (with our help)
  • Regular posting


  • You’ll receive a $250 stipend upon completion
  • Certificate and letter of recommendation for job and college applications
  • Build your network of like-minded youth & adults
  • Make connections with the broader arts / music / media SF scene


We’re located two blocks from one of our greatest inspirations: Ocean Beach! Our address is 3925 Noriega @ 46th Avenue, which is the headquarters for the Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center. For more info about SNBC, check out our website or spend hours on the SMW Instagram page!


Please use to contact Sunset Media Wave. If you have questions that you would like to discuss over the phone, feel free to include your phone number and we’ll call you. Thanks!

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    Hey Max, unfortunately we are no longer accepting applications. If you are interested in joining The Wave in the Fall, you can send us an email and we’ll make sure to let you know when we begin looking for new contributors for the Fall cycle.

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