Tax deductible donations can be made with PayPal or a credit card here. All proceeds will be used to purchase art supplies, equipment and food for program participants. All donations of any amount are greatly appreciated!


All of our Sunset Media Wave gear is printed on site using high quality ink, paper and fabric. For online orders, place your order and pay via donation here. Please specify which product and size, in addition to your mailing address and email

  • Zines $50
  • Sweatshirts $30 
  • T-Shirts $20
  • Totes $20
  • Posters $10

If you want to avoid shipping costs, feel free to
email us to set up a time to pay and pick out your merch in person.

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Sunset Media Wave is a San Francisco-based, teen-driven blog that uses a combination of modern and ancient media to paint a vivid picture of teen life. Each column is an extension of the contributors’ personality. We have no specific agenda aside from complete world domination. We meet, work, and snack at the Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center, which is a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean.