Meet the Wavers

Introducing the Spring ‘24 cohort at Sunset Media Wave! These creative geniuses will be bringing you the latest edition of our zine, Vol. 5: INTERWORLD. Including Everett Gaffney, Casey Mottola, and Max Sugarman, our Layout Editors, and our Social Media Manager, Maya Gonzalez-Skinner.

Abby Landman

Alex Ventura

Amalie Cimala

Cait Yoffie

Casey Mottola

Cora Colin

Dakota Colussi

Elanor Walker

Elise Shireman

Enid Tong

Erin McCoy

Everett Gaffney

Fletcher Bergeron

Frances Rude

Hildy Brooks

Max Sugarman

Maya Gonzalez-Skinner

Sam Lacko

Serena Miller

Sylvia Nickolopolous

Tasha Leung

Zadie McGrath

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Sunset Media Wave is a San Francisco-based collective of high school artists who create work that is personal, empowering, and expansive. We are visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, writers, photographers, performers and more. Our work is published on our website and in three annual zines that we print and bind onsite. Sunset Media Wave works, meets, and consumes large quantities of boba at the Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center, which is a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean.