meet our Alumni

Alyssa Yu

Alyssa Yu (2019) is an illustration major at Parsons School of Design in New York who enjoys cosplay, character design, video games and her three cats.

Ciara Kosai

Ciara Kosai (2019) is a photographer and designer who works at Adobe and is passionate about documenting everyday moments that help people feel more connected.

Ella Boyd-Wong

Ella Boyd-Wong (2016) is a writer, playwright, recent graduate of University of Iowa and frequent volunteer at the Evanston Arts Center in Illinois.

Glenn Jackson

Glenn Jackson (2013) is a Production Editor at the Public Library of Science and a music producer. Also, the people’s choice for 2030 mayor of Oakland. 

Jacob Thompson

Jacob Thompson (2017) is a senior at UC Merced, a professional graphic designer and wannabe comedy writer.

Jasmine Toy

Jasmine Toy (2013) is a program manager at Adobe, a freelance photographer and a rising flag football star.

Madelynne Hewett

Mady Hewett (2013) is a School of the Art Institute of Chicago graduate, currently working at a design agency as a graphic designer in San Francisco.

Mandy McGowan

Mandy McGowen (2018) is a program manager at San Francisco's Beacon Initiative, who works to embed BIPOC Youth Liberation into the fabric of Beacon Centers across the city

Michael Falsetto-Mapp

Michael Falsetto-Mapp (2021) is co-founder and co-owner of WRN FRSH, a sustainable clothing brand based in San Francisco.

Miranda Hollingswood

Miranda Hollingswood (2013) is a visual art technician who collaborates with artists to transform their work into digital prints. (Also rumored to be a master of the sunny-side egg).

Naomi Hawksley

Naomi Hawksley (2019) is a visual artist and recent graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago whose recent exhibitions explore public and private viewership of femme bodies through multimedia 2D works.

Sarah Ma

Sarah Ma (2013) is a Berklee School of Music graduate, currently working as a podcast audio engineer at QCODE in Los Angeles.

Sophia Shen

Sophia Shen (2020) is a musician and recording artist who studies at UC Berkeley. They play guitar and sing in the band Swell Foop.

Yu Ling Wu

Yu Ling Wu (2013) is a YouTuber and Social Media Influencer who was featured on the Netflix show, The Circle.

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Sunset Media Wave is a San Francisco-based collective of high school artists who create work that is personal, empowering, and expansive. We are visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, writers, photographers, performers and more. Our work is published on our website and in three annual zines that we print and bind onsite. Sunset Media Wave works, meets, and consumes large quantities of boba at the Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center, which is a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean.