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Questions about merchandise, publicity, brand sponsorships, artistic collaborations, skin-care routines, and our program may be sent via the following form. By law, we are not permitted to respond to offers regarding debt consolidation, optimizing our website, or political donations. Given the high volume of inquiries, we are not able to respond to every email, especially ones that are hastily written by a bot, parents, or ChatGPT.

(415) 759-3690
Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center
3925 Noriega @ 46th Avenue
San Francisco, CA

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Sunset Media Wave is a San Francisco-based collective of high school artists who create work that is personal, empowering, and expansive. We are visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, writers, photographers, performers and more. Our work is published on our website and in three annual zines that we print and bind onsite. Sunset Media Wave works, meets, and consumes large quantities of boba at the Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center, which is a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean.