Meet the staff

Jon Bernson

Founder / Director

Is an educator who has been working at the Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center and Bay Area Community Resources for 25 years. Bernson is an Emmy and Peabody-award winning media artist whose work has been featured at Sundance, SXSW, Venice International Film Festival, the de Young Museum, and the Nevada Museum of Art.

Caley Silk


Is an educator and interdisciplinary artist working in the fields of printmaking, collage, and independent zine publishing. She teaches printmaking techniques and brings an accessible DIY ethos to Sunset Media Wave. Silk is an Outer Sunset resident who has spent the past 12 years developing arts education programming for local youth and families. 

Rachelle Banares


Is a youth-worker, practitioner of the healing arts and a certified yoga instructor who has developed a robust wellness program which incorporates mindfulness and intentionality into our program schedule. Beyond her work at Sunset Media Wave, she teaches private classes at Yoga Flow and for community organizations.

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Sunset Media Wave is a San Francisco-based collective of high school artists who create work that is personal, empowering, and expansive. We are visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, writers, photographers, performers and more. Our work is published on our website and in three annual zines that we print and bind onsite. Sunset Media Wave works, meets, and consumes large quantities of boba at the Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center, which is a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean.