The Wave: Thanks for the Glemories!


The Wave would like to formally congratulate our former grape-tossing, disco-dancing, bespectacled pun-loving blogmaster on his new full-time gig as Managing Editor for XLR8R! We are going to miss him, but thankfully we have countless Glemories (Glenn memories) to keep us on our toes! Here are some of our favorites:

Serina: “Oh snap, is it too late to send a Glemory? Uh, okay, let me think. Glenn is cool because he read my dumb lot rant and my flaming Porta Potty rant and thought it was interesting and funny instead of insane, trivial, and insanely trivial.”

Martin: “Glenn edited my first post. He brought me from nothing to an internet superstar in mere minutes.”

Mindy: “It was really funny how Glenn told Bonnie to text Erica to say that he was crying because she wasn’t coming to SMW. Also, I will always glemember how Glenn says ‘Sure!’ a lot and ‘I see what you’re saying’ in a very Glemorable voice.”

Esther: “I remember when Glenn didn’t know what ‘hypebeast’ meant, so we tried explaining what it meant with weird analogies and explanations.”

Bonnie: “Although I just started here at SMW, it has been Glenn-tastic knowing you. My grammar will go downhill from here. Danks bud. see what I did dare? Don’t miss my horrible grammar too much!”

Max: “My favorite Glemory has to be his disco moves around the snack table.”

Miranda: “I really appreciated how Glenn introduced me to the wonderful world of his roommate, The CatMan of West Oakland! Glenn also had the eternal ability to solve an issue, which I had thought about for hours, in a simple sentence. Thank you, Glenn, no one could possibly fill your shoes.”

Riley: “Whenever Glenn attempts to catch grapes in his mouth. Although he catches them about 80% of the time, it’s funnier when he doesn’t catch them.”

Jasmine: “My favorite memory of Mother Glenn is a compilation of every pun, laugh, and uncomfortable joke we shared both as parts of a group, as well as partners in RHYME. His presence at Sunset Media Wave was vital to our growth as bloggers and people, and we are forever thankful.”

Stanlee: “Thanks for giving me support on my game: you are truly Glenn-cellent!”

Darren: “My favorite Glemory was when Glenn helped me with me first post. (I will probably come on Sunday to make a few final glemories).”

Yu Ling: “My favorite glemory was when I found out Glenn makes his own music. I stalked his entire Youtube and SoundCloud channel, so that was pretty fun and creepy at the same time.”

Michael: ” Man, It’s too hard for me to pick one glemory. Jim Glennson had wit and vibes that were second to none. He always brought the party, the K to the FUN, and being from San Diego (as well as a Caucasian), I’m not sure where his sick dance moves come from! No matter, you know he has the skills to get tha $krills!”

Jon: “This quote sums up John Glennon in a nutshell: ‘It was so cold last night that I almost turned on the heat in my apartment.’ Runner up to that quote is a quote of a quote: ‘I wish that I had Jesse’s girl! [sung like Frank Sinatra + Joe Cocker + Billy Joel].'”

Mount Glennmore
Mount Glennmore