The Sole Account: : Balenciaga Arena “Noir”


Balenciaga Arena High-Top Sneakers

Release Date: Unknown
Retail Price: $585.00


The Story Behind the Purchase: I actually obtained these sneakers in a trade. I offered to trade my wonderful Kobe VII “Galaxy” and Air Jordan 4 Retro “Toro” to receive these glamourous sneakers in return. I don’t regret my decision about the trade, but unfortunately, these sneakers fit just a little too big for my liking and I wish I would have known prior to the trade. However, I enjoyed owning a pair of Balenciaga Arenas simply because many celebrities have owned a pair as well, thus making this particular sneaker hard to obtain and sought after.


My Opinion: As a designer sneaker, these are extremely simply. There is no exterior branding, so anyone who isn’t familiar with Balenciaga or the fashion world, may not recognize these sneakers. However, the simplicity is what makes this sneaker particularly unique, and due to the all black tone, it can be worn for a numerous amount of different occasions, ranging from everyday wear to something as formal a wedding.

Riley’s Rating: 9 out of 10 laces

Words and images by Riley Kubota