The Wave: Gif the Faves

The Sunset Media Wave team sat around the table, unsupervised, alone and confused. Miranda was their only guide.

Jokes aside, she decided to get each member to create an image gif and a couple sentences about their favorite things. She wanted to find a little bit more about each person in the group and these are the results.

Campbell's Gif

Name: Campbell Gee
Blog: Fashion Soup for the Sartorial Soul

Although this may sound odd, my favorite activity is eating brunch with friends because it combines my three of my passions –– delicious food, material for Instagram posts and socializing. It’s an expensive hobby, but I love sitting in a comfy restaurant for hours and losing track of time while  talking to pals over a meal.







Chen's Gif

Name: Chen Yu
Blog: Tough Screen to Begin

1. Favorite thing is computers.

2. Like them because they’re fun to play with

3. Me on the computer





Name: Elizabeth Shearer
Blog: The Never Ending Soundtrack that is My Life

My favorite thing is music. Whether it’s playing or listening, I love it! Music makes me feel better if I’m sad and it makes me feel safe. I cherish it because of these reaons.








Name: Eugene Liu
Blog: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Goldfish

I love my fish because I can watch them and take photos of their beauty as well as draw them.






Name: Miranda Hollingswood
Blog: Through Lenses

I love spending time with friends because I enjoy connecting. In a world where we assume you know everything about someone from their Facebook profile, it is so fun to spend time figuring out the little things you have in common with someone. Of course just laughing over nothing is awesome too, but connections are most important to me.







Name: Riley Kubota
Blog: The Sole Account

My favorite thing is Bill Nye because Bill Nye is a science guy.






Name: Sarah Ma
Blog: A Vibe Called S

Some of my favorite things to do are camping and hiking. I love it because i see the most beautiful things while in nature. Yup! There is me standing in front of the bottom of a tree. It was huge!







Name: Sophia Wu
Blog: Think Thrice

One of my favorite things to do is make art, because it makes me feel calm and relaxed. I’ve always liked that feeling of accomplishment, and with art, I can achieve that when I complete a piece.







Name: Yu Ling Wu
Blog: Shots Fired

My favorite thing to do is to perform, because it makes me feel alive (plus it’s super fun), and on stage I can be whoever I choose to be…but mostly myself.