fluorescent adolescent: “Kauai” – Childish Gambino

From ‘Community’ to ‘Because the Internet,’ Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) is an all- around talent. Most famously known for his role as Troy Barnes on ‘Community,’ as well as his writing for the hit NBC show ‘30 Rock,’ starring Tina Fey, Glover has been deemed a comedic genius. Not until July 3rd, 2010, Glover released his third mixtape, Culdesac.

Glover was praised for his work on the mixtape with composer Ludwig Göransson, who also composed the theme song for the show Community and many other hit series. With the drop of this mixtape it brought him more to fame for his work as a rapper. Glover received more admiration on November 15th, 2011 from his debut album Camp featuring the single Heartbeat. His fame rose even higher with the release of his album, Because the Internet which came out on December 6th, 2013 featuring the song 3005 creating a large mainstream flow of listeners for the album.

Since the release of his latest album, Glover has been working on several projects including his latest digital album STN MTN which dropped on October 2nd, 2014, as well as the premiere of his EP Kauai on October 4th of this year.

STN MTN and Kauai, are a part of a concept album that blends together two different storylines. Kauai, produced by Glover himself and Ludwig Göransson as well as many other producers. The EP features the vocals of Jaden Smith, Christian Rich, and Steve G, Lover III. The EP itself resembles Glover’s upbeat, indie vibes that he has brought to light in the hip-hop world, that he is known for. His flows are explicit and to the point. He speaks truth into what life is.

I believe the EP itself is a representation of Glover’s life. The tracks featured on the the EP create a story of a person’s (most likely Glover) experiences. The song Sober [rough], on the album is possibly about the high times a person can have in one night with one person. Glover sings about the feeling of never being able to get off of that high he experienced with the person he shared the night with. That no matter what he’ll never be sober again after the event. Listening to this track, I felt as though I was missing something. Longing for that moment I shared with someone of significance in my life to last as long as possible. But knowing that the moment was over I felt this sense of bliss, realizing that it happened but remembering that it was so far gone made me feel that I could never get back to my normal self. It’s a strange feeling to have, but feeling it in that moment was for the best.

Since the release of STN MTN/Kauai, Glover has received much adoration from fans and magazine’s such as Complex and many others. All the proceeds earned from the EP will go towards the island of Kauai, which the EP is named after, to help preserve the natural beauty of the island. As an added bonus from the EP fans have discovered that there is a bonus track that is the acapella version of the song 3005.

If you’re interested in listening to the whole EP hit up the links below and checkout the review on Childish Gambino’s latest masterpiece on Complex.


Words By Erica V. Love