Esther-fied: Chandelier (Acoustic Cover)

Hey everyone, I’m back to bring you my rendition of the song “Chandelier” by Sia. I had the best time recording this song –– not only because this is a personal favorite –– but because I got to record it in a storage closet (a fricken storage closet!) But, despite it being a small confined space, it was quite cozy and I couldn’t help but wonder whether Harry Potter felt the same in his closet room below the stairs. Also props to Michael for doing an incredible job on recreating Sia’s hair color and font from the music video!

Anyways, though I know that most of you would enjoy more of my jokes, I don’t want to keep you guys waiting any longer. Psst. press the play button. It won’t bite, I swear.

-This page has officially been Esther-fied.