Silly Songs With SaFong: You & I Cover

For this next cover, I decided to do something simple. I chose the song “You & I” by Ingrid Michaelson.

Ingrid Michaelson is definitely one of my favorite female artists. I admire her voice and the plain and acoustic touch she adds to each of her songs.

Almost exactly a year ago, I made a cover of another one of Ingrid Michaelson’s songs –– “The Way I Am”.Almost immediately I fell in love with her entire “Be OK” album. “You and I” is another one of my favorites from that album for many reasons:

The lyrics are super witty.
I love the ukulele and chorus in the background.
It’s fun and easy to sing along to.
In addition to my recording, I have a video posted on youtube. So feel free to check both of them out!