Fashion Soup for the Sartorial Soul: Saturated Summer #7 (Yellow)


This week I’m faced with another color that I have ambivalent feelings towards. Being Asian, yellow has always been an annoying derogatory characteristic present in my existence –– whether I like it or not (thanks, white America!). But aside from the nagging stereotype that this hue brings forth, I’m naturally quite attracted to it. Yellow is vibrant and energizing without being assertive –– yet also calming and joyful, minus any dullness. Although I reiterate my abhorrence to warm-toned colors, yellow marks many items I adore. For example, my favorite flowers just happen to be daffodils and I am known to frequently enjoy a bright, runny yolk in my brunch-time eggs (a reoccurring theme you’ll quickly spot in this post).

We’re getting down to the wire here –– with this being my second to last post of the cycle –– so enjoy every drop of monochromatic indulgence before it’s too late! Finally without further ado, I present to you my photo set of good, ol’ yeller.



1. Anyone who has the misfortune of being friends with me, knows that I have an affinity for calling my close compadres “pals” –– instead of any other more normal word that most people would use to address their homies. When I came across this work of street art while waiting for the bus, I quickly identified with the artist’s sentiment and Snapchat-ed it with the atypical-to-me caption you can see above.


2. Cars that match their owner’s house color drives me crazy in the best way possible. There’s something about the consistent and dedicated lifestyle that I really admire, I suppose. I discovered this cute yellow pair near Alamo Square, and instantly fell in love. I don’t know much –– or anything, honestly –– about cars. But one thing I am sure of, is that I hardcore lust over adorable vintage cars like this throwback VW Bus parked picturesquely under a peaceful, shady tree (let’s just ignore that they’re parked in a “No Stopping” space, oops). Sitting alongside the mustard-hued Victorian, it was too much for my little aesthetics-tickled heart to handle.


3. During my brief trip through Half Moon Bay, I frequently admired the sleepy beach town’s aesthetics of yesteryear. Apart from the tiny ice cream parlor and old cars that inhabited the area, I also stumbled upon the town hall’s 70s-esque logo ––  which looked as if they borrowed the font from a Chicago album cover and painted the text gold.


4. You know you’re solid pals with someone when you start unintentionally matching footwear with them. This proverb rang true when –– legendary former Waver slash fellow New York transplant –– Yu Ling and I met up for coffee both –– coincidentally –– wearing sunny-side-up socks. Whether by divine fate or as a simple result of our already similar fashion choices, we are now two gurls bound together by aesthetic power of eggs.


5. I’ve never been a ritual coffee drinker, but I probably appear to be one to those who follow me on social media. Despite the way that coffee turns my stomach and transforms me into an anxious, trembling wreck, I’m a sad sucker for latte art and the warm earthy taste that encompasses every latte and macchiato alike. Pictured here is only a mere fraction of the espresso drinks that I’ve managed to check off my cafe bucket list –– a piping hot cortado and soy latte made by the experienced baristas at Blue Bottle.


6. Here is me attempting to strive towards a balanced breakfast. I obviously failed in the health-conscious department –– but waffles, sausage, whip cream, and the few haphazardly-placed sprouts do cover four food groups, so you can’t say I didn’t try. There’s nothing I love more than a combined sweet and savory brunch dish, so this doozy at Schmidt’s on Folsom practically made me shed a tear of joy prompted by the variety of foods on this near-perfect plate.


7. Like I’ve stated before, the sun is a rare commodity in San Francisco. Even more uncommon are nights when the fog stays out of town long enough for us to witness a decent sunset. This picturesque summer sundown was the beautiful conclusion to an ideal day with new friends, as we traipsed up and down the beach –– unfazed by the upcoming bus we’d later have to run to catch.


8. One of the few aspects of San Francisco life that I miss dearly while residing in New York (besides my family and friends, obviously), is the accessibility and quality of Hong Kong style desserts. Sago –– a combination of finely crushed ice, tapioca pearls, juice and toppings like fruit –– is a prized and habitual component of my after-dinner festivities. On the East Coast, I often feel a weird separation anxiety from my favorite eateries – one of them being Golden Island, which I believe concocts sago and similar HK desserts best. From the minimalistic marble tables to the scaldingly-hot cups of complimentary tea, this sweet heaven is almost like my home away from home when I need my fix of french toast or french fries in the wee hours of night.


9. My love letter to fried eggs continues even into the last photo of this week’s set. Existing amongst the iconic walls of Clarion Alley, these little works of art are like a hidden gem for those who look to give themselves a change of perspective and discover the mural-paradise from every angle.