Vibin’ and Thrivin’: Introduction

Hey there readers! TJ here. Welcome to Vibin’ and Thrivin’, your fresh new source of videos and music that will document cool spots in the Bay Area and beyond! You may be familiar with the work from my previous column, Hot Topics. While I assure you that I will still be dazzling you with my literary skills, this new column will consist mainly of videos!

What I am trying to convey in this new column is an experience, or for lack of a better word, a vibe. Basically, what I will be doing is putting together short clips and music and turning them into videos that will—hopefully—generate a certain feeling or emotion. I’ll film each video within a certain area, like the Outer Sunset or Marin Headlands, and then edit the footage with some groovy tunes and post the finished video along with some information about the area and maybe a little paragraph or two talking about what the video reminds me of.

So, yeah! That’s what it’s gonna be all about this cycle! I hope you’re all excited, because I sure am. The first video will be up shortly. TJ out!