FIT: Birthday Special

A common place for my friends and I to meet is Happy Donuts, partly because it’s the same distance from all of our houses and it is also very close to our school. Besides all of that, Happy Donuts is cheap and open 24/7. A couple of weeks ago, for my friend Zara’s birthday, my friends and I met up at Happy Donuts before heading out to the In-N-Out on Fisherman’s Wharf to get Animal Style fries and cheap burgers.

After that, my friends and I went to the Haight, where we went into store after store. We do this thing when we find something in a shop that one of us would want as a present: the others take a photo of it so that we know what to get each other for any future present-giving occasion. That day, we must have each taken about fifteen photos between Rasputin Record shop and the Sockshop (a store that sells thousands of different patterned socks) on Haight. Finally, after a long day of fun we all headed back to my friend Eloise’s house to eat pizza and listen to Macklemore for hours while doing henna, our usual way to end a busy day.

In N Out Style (left) Sockshop Adventures (right)
Animal Style Friendship (left), Sockshop Adventures (right)