Rags with Tags: Me + My OOTD

Rags with Tags, n. : an urbanized term for clothing.
Hey there, my name is Alivia, and I am the creator of Rags with Tags. I am starting this column to share all of the fashion that I encounter in my daily life. Fashion has been the most important part of my life and who I am since I can remember. I treat fashion as art, and I really do believe that fashion is a form of art. To me, fashion is a way to speak without saying anything and a way to express myself creatively. Putting together an outfit consists of many things for me. Aspects such as colors, textures, styles, and silhouettes all go into creating a cohesive look that expresses how I feel that day. My favorite part about fashion is changing who I am with every outfit. I love that I can feel like a different person simply by changing my outfit. I can go from feeling very vintage, to feeling very urban, classic, or edgy.

Creative writing has also been a passion of mine for just as long as fashion has, and I’ve always had an outlet to share my thoughts through writing outside of school, without prompts, sans formats—just pure alphabet soup. Having a platform where I can write about my favorite topics is very exciting because combining fashion with creative writing is my personal epitome. With these two passions of mine coming together, I decided to create Rags with Tags, a light-hearted and occasionally satirical fashion column.