This One Time…: Settings + Character List

Background Information:

The government of China paid a performance group to go on a world tour so they could connect with different countries. I was invited to host the first part of one of the shows, so for my first video, I will telling the story of how that night of the show went. Here’s a little preview!


Great Star Theater of San Francisco


Constructed in 1925, the ‘Great Star Theater’ used to be the center of entertainment in San Francisco, Chinatown. Today, it is the last and only Chinese Theater House that is still open in California. Many Chinese operas, shows, films are still being hosted here.






(Anonymous) MC from China:

  • TV show host of a famous (but anonymous show) from China, who was hosting the second part of the performance that night.







  • I was hosting for the first half of the performance, which consisted primarily of speeches and dragon dancers.







  • My friend who took me backstage after the show because he really wanted to get a girl’s phone number.






Tune in next week to see the video and find out what happened while we were backstage!