Beauty or Nah: Carli Bybel Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hello Beauties!

Lately, I have been really into eyeshadows, specifically neutral nude pinks and plum colors (I feel like these type of colors suit brown eyes very well). That is why in the post I am going to be reviewing the Carli Bybel 14 color eyeshadow and highlighter palette. Carli Bybel is one of my favorite YouTubers and one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to makeup, so I had to give her eyeshadow palette a try.

eyesahdow pallete
Front cover of the eyeshadow palette.
Beautiful eyeshadow palette.
Beautiful eyeshadow palette.

The packaging of this palette is very classy and cute. The palette is not too small or too big, and it is very travel-friendly and easy to fit in your purse for those times you need to touch up on your eyeshadow during the day. They pack a lot in the compact package: the palette comes with ten gorgeous eyeshadows and four highlighter shades.

These eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and can last all day—I barely have to touch up on my eyeshadow throughout the day when using Bybel’s palette. I also love how universal this eyeshadow palette is, anyone can use it. For instance, I have very fair skin, so I don’t use the darker highlighter included with the palette to highlight my face, but instead I use it as a bronzer. It’s worth noting that this is the first eyeshadow palette I have ever ordered from BH Cosmetics, and I am so impressed with how good it is—maybe even almost too good for an eyeshadow and highlighter palette that costs only $12.50.

First row of eyeshadows in the palette.
First row of eyeshadows in the palette.
Second row of eyeshadows in the palette.
Second row of eyeshadows in the palette.
Highlighters in the pallete.
Highlighters in the palette.

There are so many types of looks you can go for with these eyeshadows, and you can even use the highlighters as an eyeshadow as well. To sum it up, I am truly in love with this eyeshadow palette and will definitely repurchase it and more from BH Cosmetics.

What I like:

  • How pigmented and long-lasting the eyeshadow and highlighters are.
  • Very blendable.
  • There are a lot of different eye looks you can go for,, even with the highlighters.

What I Dislike:

  • There is a little bit of fallout when applying the eyeshadow on your eyelids, especially when using the glittery eyeshadows.

Grade: A