Rags with Tags: Capitola

This Mother’s Day, I had the pleasure of driving down to Capitola, a beautiful seaside town that is also known as Capitol-By-The-Sea. I had never actually explored Capitola, but often visited the neighboring city of Santa Cruz throughout the years. My family and I visited the Thomas Kinkade gallery, and whilst there, my parents decided to gift me a print of my favorite painting by the artist, entitled “Lombard Street”. Overall, I can safely say that the trip was a success and I would highly recommend the area to anyone passing through the Bay Area.

On this particular day, I was incredibly excited to wear my new jacket that I quite literally hunted down. The story behind my jacket goes like this; originally my friend Rianna purchased it, and when I saw her wear it, I immediately asked her where she purchased it. Now I’m not one to purchase the same item as someone else, just because I feel that item becomes less unique to you when a friend purchases the exact same one. However, I made an exception for this particular jacket because I’ve wanted this exact style jacket for quite some time and could never find one that was worth the money. She told me that she purchased it at H&M, and I immediately developed tunnel vision, in search of this jacket. First, I called the H&M customer service line which was unsuccessful in tracking it down, and told me that it was completely sold out. Of course, this was irrationally upsetting.

A few weeks later, my sister and I went shopping in Union Square, San Francisco. Just for closure, I decided to quickly sweep through H&M. I searched each crevice of the store and, of course, did not find the jacket. As I trekked out of this 35,000 sq. ft. store, a certain satin gleam from beneath a rack of clothing caught my attention. At first, I was convinced my eyes were deceiving me, considering I had been focused on nothing but finding this jacket and I began to think my mind was playing tricks on me. Very slowly, I approached the potentially fictitious item, pulled it out from the depths of its dwelling and realized I was not imagining anything: I had found THE JACKET. Although it was about two sizes too big on me, it was the only one left and I was not about to abandon it. In this outfit, I paired the jacket with dark denim Hudson jeans, my Reebok sneakers, a white t-shirt, my Marc by Marc Jacobs purse and of course had to finish off the outfit with my favorite pair of Ray-Ban pink sunglasses.

Jacket: H&M
Jeans: Hudson
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban