Rags with Tags: Sausalito

Rags with Tags: Sausalito

This past Wednesday, my friend Rianna (formerly of Style and Substance) and I had the opportunity to assist in a fashion photoshoot in Sausalito, CA. Sausalito is a quaint little town in Marin County that is known for its beautiful waterfront views, its tchotchke shops, and its pricy lodging. Overall, Sausalito is a cute but small town. Personally, I have only visited a small handful of times, considering it’s just a quick trip across The Bridge.

The photo shoot that we assisted with was a great experience. I had always wanted to work behind-the-scenes of a photoshoot, and, shockingly, it was exactly what I had expected it to be. We primarily assisted with lighting and carrying props, but I was specially assigned to hold the model’s incredibly expensive Donald J. Pliner shoes while we were changing locations, to make sure not a single speck of dust decided to reside on their fine cork leather.

For the day, I decided to wear my leopard faux fur coat for only the second time since I purchased it in February. I have found that this particular coat, which I purchased at Topshop, is definitely not a practical piece. Although I adore this coat, I don’t find myself reaching for it for a quick trip to the grocery store, if you know what I mean. Nevertheless, I was obsessed with the outfit I wore for this day, although it may not have been the most practical choice for an all-day photoshoot that involved walking from location to location. With the Topshop coat, I wore Neuw Denim jeans, a Zara white t-shirt, a Topshop fringe backpack, and Ted Baker booties.


Booties: Ted Baker


Jeans: Neuw Denim


Coat: Topshop

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