Cotton Candy Melodies: Bumper Cars

Hey everyone! This time on Cotton Candy Melodies I’ve donea cover with my good friend Edmund! YAAYYY. This actually is not our first cover together, since we had previously performed “Hazy” by Rosi Golan for our choir concert. We also did a cover together of “Honeydukes” by Mary Kate Wiles and Joey Richter, that I uploaded to my personal YouTube account (and which you can check out here).

Singing a duet is a lot more enjoyable for me, personally. First of all, I’m a sucker for harmonies—they just hit me right at the heart. Most importantly, duets are just super fun. While practicing for the songs, we can mess around and have random jam sessions with other random songs (that’s actually how we started singing our cover of “Honeydukes”). Then, when we were practicing our duet for the choir concert, when Edmund suggested this song to me. I thought it was really cute, especially since the girl replies to the guy while he’s singing. We tried singing it together, and actually almost sang it for the choir concert instead. In the end, we stuck with our previous decision of singing “Hazy,” but still recorded a cover of “Honeydukes” to commemorate our last day of high school.

Recording our most recent cover was actually very fun. I went to Edmund’s house, along with other friends, to film. At first we weren’t really sure of which song to sing, so we just tried singing a bunch of songs we liked. Ultimately, we chose “Bumper Cars” by Alex & Sierra because it fit both of our voices well, and it was also very easy to play on the guitar. Since the song is originally a duet, we didn’t have to worry about splitting the parts up and rearranging it. This was our first time singing this particular song together, so our cover is definitely far from perfect—our harmonies were not on point that day—but, honestly, we were just singing together for fun anyway. It’s cool. We will definitely try to improve next time!

I also recently found out that my brother had bought a semi-professional microphone, so I used that for this cover, as well as my previous cover of “La Vie En Rose.” The mic picked up our voices pretty well, but unfortunately, it also picked up the voice of Edmund’s grandmother in the background, speaking in Cantonese. According to my personal translator (Chloe from Dessert Pervert), apparently she’s saying something about “next week.” Edmund and I will probably be doing other covers together in the future, so stay tuned! In the meantime, check out our cover above!