Musique Nonstop: American Mavericks, Podcast Style!

Not sure what to think about modern classical music? Well have no fear as have I curated my own little taster mix for you. Come join me in my podcast below, and prepare to have your mind blown by what modern classical music can do.

A Few Notes About the Podcast:
1. Because more and more of this music continues to be composed, this is not an extensive representation of contemporary classical music.

2. At the beginning of the podcast I say that I will be exclusively sharing American classical contemporary composers in this mix, and that is basically all true, except for one piece. Okay, I cheated. American composer John Cage’s “13 Harmonies: Old North,” which closes the podcast, was originally composed in 1985 for violin and keyboard (check it out here), and though the music I have for you here is technically Cage’s, this recording is actually an arrangement for electric guitar by French musician Noël Akchoté.

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