The Wave: Interesting Interpretations of the New SFMOMA

What is art? Do you know? Do I know? Does anybody really know? Like, really know?

Recently here at The Wave, we decided to ponder just exactly who and what constitutes “art” by taking a voyage through real, three-dimensional space towards San Francisco’s own swankily remodeled Museum of Modern Art (a.k.a. SFMOMA to those in the know), where we conducted some on-the-ground research. Our preliminary findings are available for viewing above. A sincere thank you is due to our noble test subjects—Angel Arada, Chloe Lu, and Matthew Natahusada—whose bravery will not soon be forgotten.

***Please note that these photos were taken before the era of Pokémon GO and therefore our attention spans and capacity for thoughtful consideration were somewhat more substantial than they are in the current technological climate. OH! A CHARMANDER! ***