Cotton Candy Melodies: Throwback Songs

This is it. It’s actually happening. Four years ago, my fourteen year old self would have been impressed by the person I’ve become today. I passed all my AP exams, went to prom, graduated, learned how to drive, and most importantly grew (emotionally – I’m still only 5 feet). However, despite all of my accomplishments, I’m terrified. Like wow, I’m an adult now. I’m about to be a college student. Where did the time go?

As an act of defiance, Chloe from (Dessert Pervert) and I decided to reminisce about our childhood and pre-teen days by doing a reaction video to throwback songs. We refused to be responsible adults and relived our past (and current) obsession over Pokémon, yelled sang along to every lyric from the Backstreet Boys, and fangirled to our heart’s content over Jesse McCartney. There’s a lot more footage from this film-shoot, since we did a lot a songs, but the video would be impossibly long. Doing this throwback video reminded me of my middle school days – oh the good ol’ days. I cringe at how embarrassing I acted back then, especially with my heavy Filipino accent, Wow, I am so glad those days are over. At the same time though, I’m glad it happened, since I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for those experiences.

In another four years, I’m sure I will feel the same kind of nostalgia as I am currently experiencing at the mo. For now, I’ll just recall my embarrassing over-friendly self from freshman year, mornings of frenzy when I realized I overslept, the (multiple) days I ditched class because I was “sick,” feeling terrified because I didn’t do my homework, my ridiculous insecurities, and the endless amount of doubt I created to keep me from getting my hopes up. I’ll remember those moments and sigh in relief that I’m a lot better of a person (oversleeping not included). This is it. It’s actually happening. And it’s okay. To my high school student self: I guess this is goodbye. I’ll miss you a lot.

I would like to thank Jon, Michael, and Glenn for helping me record, create amazing photoshop masterpieces, and edit my posts. Without Sunset Media Wave, I wouldn’t have the courage to post my own videos and recordings online. Thanks for giving me a platform to express myself, for the endless amount of encouragement, and the not so funny puns that are actually kind of funny. You guys are awesome!

I will continue to make lot’s of music – it’s a boredom and stress reliever for me. I’ll be posting any covers or originals on this channel, so it’ll be awesome if you could check it out from time to time! And that’s all she wrote. Thank you for reading my posts and watching my videos. It has been a very fun and unforgettable experience. This is Cotton Candy Melodies, officially signing off.