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Musique Nonstop: Let’s Talk Female Representation in Electronic Music

As this is my final contribution to The Wave, a talk about female representation in the electronic music industry is a post long overdue, don’t you think? Tune into this super important conversation with me below! And as always, I’ve got a pretty cool mix of music for you to conclude the podcast.

Elise, out!

Disappointingly, little official research has covered gender and racial disparities in electronic music, and a lot of the articles that have are, to be honest, pretty sub-par when it comes to quality and hard stats. But here are some good starting places and resources that drive the point home:

The Invisible Woman: A Conversation With Björk

The Rise of Techno Feminism in Mexico

Why Do White DJs Make All the Money?

Do All Female Lineups Really Help Women in Electronic Music?

Electronic Warfare: The Political Legacy of Detroit Techno

Women, STEM and EDM



Throwing it Back:

Meet Else Marie Pade

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