No Monet: Henry Lau

Hey guys! This is Henry Lau, a singer in SM Entertainment. Ever since he began his solo debut with Trap in 2013, I have been a fan. If I were to choose my favorite song, it would be “I Would,” an English song. To start my portrait, I drew a quick outline, and tried to match Henry’s facial structure as realistically as possible. To do this, I used a scale factor to ensure that the picture of Henry and the drawing of him would both have the same dimensional ratio. That way, I would not encounter any problems, such as drawing his eyes too wide apart or making his nose too pointed.


Over a few hours, I shaded in the details and made my lines sharper. In order to make the lines less harsh, I used my hands to smudge the edges. Below is the final drawing, I hope you all enjoy it!


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