Dungeons & Doodles: Sketch Dump!

Dungeons & Doodles: Sketch Dump!

I know you’re all on the edge of your seats, waiting for an exciting, exhilarating post about Dungeons & Dragons, and I am here to deliver! You may not know, but a session of Dungeons & Dragons can take a very long time, from planning out the story to developing interesting characters to the game itself. However, that is the best part of the game. Everything is created from the Dungeon Master’s imagination (think of the DM as the narrator of a video game), and there is no way of doing it wrong.

My friends created all their characters from scratch, and the majority of them are based off of terrible puns and jokes. Originally, the characters were just mere concepts, but the more I questioned how their characters would act in certain situations, the more developed the characters became. They all had images of what their character looked like, and I wanted to draw them how I interpreted them.

My friends filled me on all the little details of their characters, for example, how Griimjeor, the dwarf fighter, loves to wear a bright white tux on the battlefield, and how Spike the Bad, the half-orc monk, has very well manicured hands. These are just sketches I’ve drawn to depict what I imagine the characters look like. They’re still incomplete, but I thought it would be fun to give you an inside look at how nerdy I can be.

[Below] Quick doodles my friends did of their characters, The Rogue, the half-elf rogue, and Griimejeor the Driimjeor, the dwarven fighter mentioned above. I then did quick sketches their characters, and a little drawing of my other friend’s character, Salsa, the gnome ranger.


[Below] Once again, doodles my friends did of their characters, Sweaty Battlebeard, the dwarven cleric, and Spike the Bad, the half-orc monk. Sadly, I forgot to add the iconic quote, “Sunneth out, gunneth out”.


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