BedRock IQ: The End?!?!


This bread we nabbed from the dungeon was pretty stale, but better than the zombie jerky we have in our pockets. We took a dip through the end portal and we encounter a massive group of endermen.

Scary. (They can teleport.) Our llamas are nowhere to be found. Perhaps they are hiding in that mysterious looking city in the distance? Occasionally we hear a blood-curdling roar and wonder what it might be. We find out that the moon looking rock isn’t really moon rock, but an end stone! There is a never- ending drop into a supposedly bottomless void. When we tossed it over the cliff, we couldn’t hear the endstone land. Scary. NitroJr and I wonder how to get out of this place. We hatch plans. We scout the area. We find out the source of the scary roar. A dragon with purple and black scales; purple flakey specks spew from its mouth. We black out. *UFO noises fill your speakers*