Between the Seams: Introduction

Hey everyone! My name is Alicia and I’d like to welcome you to my column, Between The Seams, where I will attempt to expound on the many looks you’ll find in K-Pop. I get a lot of different reactions—most of them dismissive—when I mention to people that I listen to K-Pop. Here, I hope to break the stigma that K-Pop only involves people with weirdly colored hair and repetitive pop songs. I want to create a space where we can appreciate some of the finer artistic points of the industry, which I think deserve much more credit than they’re given. In Between the Seams, I’ll be dissecting some of the trends I’ve noticed over the years through a series of illustrations. You can expect to see some BTS (especially with their comeback this week), BIGBANG, and EXO, among numerous other artists. I can’t wait to start sharing, and I hope you’ll all enjoy coming on this journey with me.

In the meantime, check out BTS’s latest music video, “Spring Day”!