Mint in Canthem: My Brain!

Hello there! For my first complete post, I wanted to give you a little insight into where I have been finding inspiration for my comic. I take a lot of ideas from nature—especially wonky plants and animals.

For instance, take a look at this picture I took of some fungus on some moldy wood. I thought it looked like something from a distant planet, and in my head I drew it as the terrain from a far away, fungal world.

Also, here is one of my favorite birds, a nightjar. I like them because when their mouths are closed, their beaks look very tiny and cute—but when they open their beaks up, their mouths are actually huge. I think that’s so funny. They also have whiskers that give them lots of character. This is what inspired one of my little characters, who takes shape as some sort of brown bird.

Brown Bird Guy Sketch
Hmm (aka a Nightjar on a rock)
Wah! (aka a Nightjar with its beak open)

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!