The Wave: Beach Combing

As many of you know, we here at Sunset Media Wave are big fans of the ocean. (Some even call us sea fans.) It may disappoint you to know that we are not mermaids, mermen, sailors, merchant marines, admirals,  pirates, first mates, quarter masters, gunners, boatswains, or tugboat captains. We are appreciators of nature however and enjoy a good walk on the sand from time to time. One such time occurred not three days ago, when we set sail for Ocean Beach to collect barnacled sand dollars, skipping stones, driftwood and shells. Some of us conquered fears of rogue waves. Some of us conquered fears of aggressive dog joggers. Some of us conquered fears of sandy socks. Overall, we discovered that love conquers all. Love does not conquer taxes or death, but it gives them a good run for their money. At least one hundred sand dollars worth.

Fans of the Sea

Home Sweet Home