The Wave: Meet The Spring 2017 Wavers

Well, here we are. It’s Spring 2017 and—now in its fourth year—The Wave continues to keep rolling alongThe Wave, however, is no lonely vessel out here on this great sea some call “The Internet” (also known as “The Web,” “The World Wide Web,” “The Interwebs,” “Maximum Distraction Zone,” “That Place With All The Cat Pictures,” “The Gif Graveyard,” “Sadness In A Nutshell,” etc. etc.) No, quite the opposite, actually: We are a strong, vibrant community of spectacularly creative minds and fantastically selfless spirits who have banded together in order to fulfill our mission to make the web a bit more beautiful with every single post. In other words, our blog is pretty cool.

Joining us in this mission over the next few months are some of the Bay Area’s finest young talents. Artists, designers, filmmakers, singers, songwriters, and all sorts of media creators have signed on to the effort, and you can learn a bit more about them all below (and, of course, check out their budding columns while you’re at it).