Wandering on Cloud Nine: Hasta Pronto

Wandering on Cloud Nine: Hasta Pronto

Hello lovely people! Welcome back to Wandering on Cloud Nine! Summer is coming up in a few weeks and I am super excited to go on vacation again. Hopefully these next few weeks will be good ones for all of you, especially those of you with finals. For all the seniors out there, good luck in college! And for all the underclassmen, hang in there! One of the only things getting me through school is thinking about my trip to Spain. I can’t wait to see beautiful sights like the Sagrada Família and the Alhambra! All of which means, I’ll be taking the Summer off from The Wave, but I have good news: I’ll be back in the Fall to show you more of my latest adventures!

Split, Croatia

UPCOMING ON Wandering on Cloud Nine

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  • Spain Highlights!

I hope you all have an amazing summer break. Stay tuned for my next adventure in Spain!

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