Mint In Canthem: The Lost Sea Scrolls

Mint In Canthem: The Lost Sea Scrolls

Hello there! As all of you may know, I’ve sailed the seas for over 50 years now. You’d think I’d have seen everything, but no! Now, being the captain of your own small catamaran is a little lonely, so I try to mix it up and go on an adventure every now and then. Recently, I found some very exciting relics right off of Ocean Beach, and I knew I had to share them with you.

Here is a sort of teaser/trailer for my comic, Mint in Canthem. As you can see, the story is not complete. All of my posts so far have been process posts intended to give you some insight into my inspiration for the comic, and for you to see how my brain works. But now it has come time to show you the end result… kinda.

Page 1 of Story 1

These are only a few pages, belonging to two little stories that take place in the city of Canthem. The first picture above gives some backstory into how Canthem came to be, involving magical coelacanths and a devastating drought—but more on that later.

Page 1 of Story 2

Page 2 of Story 2

These next two pages are the beginning of a short story about marine migrations and how cool they look. I really love drawing a bunch of animals in one panel, and this story makes it really easy to do so.

Short comic for you!

This last short comic is about how advertisements try to trick you into wanting things! But don’t be fooled—you’re already cute. Thanks for visiting Canthem with me!

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