11.5 x 14: Steep Ravine

Devon Saucedo

These photos are from the Steep Ravine area in Mount Tamalpais State Park (just north of San Francisco in the county of Marin). My mom, sister, and I walked along the Dipsea Trail, which stretches 9.5 miles from Muir Woods to Stinson Beach. The trail starts on the top of a cliff to the south of Stinson Beach, overlooking the beach and leads through Steep Ravine along a creek where there are many trees, including redwoods. There is also a ten-foot ladder that you have to climb to get up to the next part of the trail to get over a big rock wall. We were going to turn back because up the ladder and a little further along the path we were told there was a park ranger who was giving fines to people for having a dog on the trail. We thought our dog couldn’t climb up the ladder, but he felt the need to, so he just bolted up in about two seconds. A man offered to help him down, as you can see in the last photo included here. Overall it was a very relaxing walk and I would definitely recommend it.

This is after you come out of thick bushes blocking your view when you enter the trail
One of multiple bridges going across the creek
Tall redwoods stretching up to the sky
Heading deeper inland on the side of the ravine
Small waterfalls dot the creek as it goes downhill towards the coast
Lots of green along the path
Close-up of the constantly running water
A fallen tree stays over the lake creating a path for animals to cross
A man carries my dog down the 10-foot ladder