Feel The Beat: Who aMUSEd me to the TøP

While it may seem unfair to compare Muse and Twenty One Pilots due to the age differences in both the bands and their respective audiences, I had an interesting experience at both concerts. I personally didn’t really enjoy the Twenty One Pilots concert. Don’t get me wrong, I love the band and their energy, but the rude audience really ruined the whole experience for me. However, I felt with Muse that the audience was a lot more mature and their set was just mesmerizing. I think it’s funny because, before I went to the Muse concert, I didn’t really know who they were. However, at the concert I heard a lot of songs that I had heard before, I just never knew who the artist of the song was until I heard it live.

Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots

The crowd during the end of Muse’s concert

Tyler Joseph during the Twenty One Pilots concert
Amazing set during Muse’s performance


When it comes to putting on a show, both of these bands really know how to entertain a crowd and bring their music alive. The connection that Twenty One Pilots have with their audience is really beautiful, but that caused the audience to be very extreme when it comes to trying to see their favorite band. The audience really ruined the amazing performance that was put on by Twenty One Pilots. It was really hard to enjoy what was going on with a bunch of pushing and shoving happening all throughout the show.

Muse really surprised me, I mean I didn’t really know what I would expect but their sets were really amazing. Every time they would change their set was exciting, because I never knew what it would look like next. This really made up for their okay energy levels. Maybe as time goes on and Twenty One Pilots matures more, their audience will as well, and their concerts will not be as hectic; but for now, I must say that Muse was probably one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended.

Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots performing on the piano
Muse during their performance