Here For a Pun Time: Punday Brunch

Hello and welcome back to Here For a Pun Time. It’s been a wild ride, but the end of the road is finally here: I present to you now, the zenith of my artistic career at The Wave, the (sorta) long-awaited Punday Brunch series. “Punday Brunch” is actually one of the names we (meaning me and some of my fellow Wavers) came up with when we were trying to figure out what to name this very column.

Proof of our brainstorming sessions.

It was truly a tough decision, but after much careful deliberation, “Punday Brunch” was booted out of the running. However, it was too good to pass up, so I thought I’d revive it for my last post here at The Wave. So, without further ado, I hope you all enjoy these hopefully well-eggsecuted breakfast puns.