The Ultimate Mover’s Guide to Multiverse Travels: Multiverse #1

Hello, multiverse travelers! I will be calling our first multiverse “Multiverse #1.” The only difference between our universe and Multiverse #1 is that their sun is many times hotter than our own. As a result of the sun superheating the surface of the planet, many organisms have adapted to living in this hotter environment and typically live underground.

The Inhabitants of “Multiverse #1”

Just like many burrowing rodents in our universe, the people who live in Multiverse #1 are semi-fossorial, meaning they are adapted to digging underground and sometimes go to the surface. The only reason these people go above ground is to farm. Highly specialized aboveground farmers primarily cultivate breeds of edible cacti and succulents not found in our universe. Surviving millions of years underground without the sun has reduced the pigmentation of the skin to a pale blue color, with almost no melanin. This light blue skin requires farmers to wear highly protective suits to prevent the increased number of UV light waves from penetrating their skin. If a person did not wear the protective suits, they would likely receive third-degree burns within a minute, so make sure to bring some sunscreen with SPF 500 and some polarized sunglasses!

Similarly, the reduction of sunlight has reduced the planet’s inhabitants’ eyes to almost non-existent. However, people compensate by wearing goggles that improve the vision above and below ground. Above ground, the goggles adjust the intake of light so images appear clearer, while below ground they have more night vision-like functions. If you have a pair of night visions goggles laying around your home, I recommend bringing them with you on your trip.

You may be wondering why these people have large hands, feet, and tails! Before the people of Multiverse #1 developed technologies like us, they lived in large hunter-gatherer burrowing communities. Similar to the rodents of our universe, the large hands improved the digging of tunnels. Furthermore, the large feet and long tails provide more surface area for sensing acute vibrations in the soil to get a clearer picture of their surroundings.

Although most life thrives in the cooler underground, temperatures still grow very high with a minimum of 80-degrees fahrenheit (roughly 27-degrees celsius). Both men and women wear loose-fitting harem pants to stay cooler. You may be wondering why these people appear to be wearing turtlenecks in such a hot climate. The turtlenecks may appear hot, but they are made of an ultra-light and thin fabric that helps regulate the heat produced by the body, effectively keeping it cooler! I highly recommend picking up one of two of these tops, if you decide to visit.