The Wave: Listen to Angelina’s New Podcast, Art Garde!

If you’ve been keeping up with one of newest Wave columns, The Art of Robotics, then you’ll know that it’s author, Angelina Wong, is a busy high school student! Still, she has decided to take on yet another creative endeavor and launch her very own podcast, Art Garde!

As Angelina tells it, the purpose of her podcast is a simple one:

Wrapping up my thoughts on the hidden gems of avant-garde art, bottling up a complementary glass of sweet music and bundling it all up to give as a gift from me to you.

She continues, “Throughout your journey in Art Garde, you’ll learn more about avant-garde art than you ever thought you could. Why? Not only because I cover so many aspects of the piece of artwork for each episode, but also because I never fail to deliver to you the best of the best in background music, the history of the artist involved, and the composition of the masterpiece.”

You can listen to the first episode of Angelina’s Art Garde podcast below or head here for the full collection of Art Garde episodes. You can also head on over to Angelina’s Instagram page (@angelinawong.psd) to get some insight into her inspiration for creating the podcast, as well as some sneak-peeks for the pieces that will be featured in upcoming episodes! Enjoy!