Psychic Psychedelia: Wake Up to Find Out

Hi, I’m Josson Belluschi! Welcome to my first post on my column Psychic Psychedelia. My whole life I have always had two major passions, music and computers. When I was younger my father and I would listen to a large variety of music, but generally it was rock bands like The Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd. The first album that I remember listening to on vinyl was The Dark Side of the Moon. From then onward I always have had a passion for music. When I turned five, I was introduced to my mother’s Mac laptop. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but eventually I started to design basic presentations. For Mother’s Day, I created a keynote presentation for my mom. In the presentation, I created a keynote that expressed my appreciation for my mom. I was so proud that, at such a young age, I created a piece of work I enjoyed. From then on I have always liked digitally creating my own work. My column will be just me recreating and repurposing album art from musicians that I enjoy. I will be recreating mainly rock and rap albums for my posts because those are my favorite genres. I hope everyone enjoys my work as much as I do. Creating this will be a blast and I’m quite excited!