Sidestreet Runway: A New Look

Welcome to my first post of the Fall! This post will explain what is going to happen to my column. I have decided to change my style of photography to something a bit different from the usual full-body shots. The content will be slightly the same, but instead of doing multiple themed outfits for each post, I will stick to one outfit per post and focus more on each detail that ties the whole outfit together. I am going to try close-up shots (like the ones below) and give my photos a more candid and laid back vibe. The post might look something like this: a photo of the top, the bottoms, the shoes and accessories, maybe a headshot of the makeup look, and a full body shot. I feel that this change will be beneficial because I will be able to focus on making each post the best quality I can. And by making this change, I will be able to put out more posts and have a variety of different outfits in my closet.

shows details of outfit

backpack is a pop of color

shows shirt details

embroidered details

shows full outfit

action shot