Paragon Gem: World of Espium

Now that those two in the header aren’t trying to kill each other, I’m back at it again with another post! So, for this post (and the next), I’m going to be straying away from the actual comic and talking about the LORE of my story’s world. This post is going to focus on the world that Paragon Gem takes place in.

As you can see, the whole world itself is named “Espium”. For the most part, it’s just one big landpiece (wow pangea) with the exception of the Pearl Island down southwest. As you may have noticed, almost all of the countries are named after the Gems who live there. There are four countries that are intergems, meaning that more than one major gem group occupies that land which is why they aren’t named after any gem at all. My main character, Hoshiko, lives in Hoskana, although he didn’t always (wow immigration). Currently, he’s in the heart of the Morganite’s Territory. By the end of the story, he has to make it all the way over to Epidote Territory (wow adventure). He meets a lot of good people along the way, including these folks:

Watch out for that Adelaide fella over there, though. She seems a little fishy…

And that’s the deal with the Paragon Gem world! I’ll see y’all next post!