Paragon Gem: You’re a Gem

Here it is: the beginning of the end! For my final post, I will discuss a topic that everyone found the most interesting about my world, the gem system. Let’s break it down. There are two different types of gems that are important to those who live in Espium; their birth gem and their given gem. Birth gems can be thought of as last names; you’re born with it and can’t really change it, except under very rare circumstances! Whichever territory someone was born in determines their birth gem. If someone is born in an intergem, they inherit their parents’ birth gem instead. It’s also worth noting that people without birth gems are considered the scum of Espium. Birth gems may also have a strong influence on a person’s core beliefs. Gems can also be thought of as the defining symbols of Espium’s caste system.

Given gems are pretty self-explanatory; they’re gems given to people by super important people in their lives! This is the earring that appears on people’s ears. Most people only wear the one given to them by their parents, but close friends and lovers like to exchange gems as a sign of their strong relationships. Unlike birth gems, not everyone is required to have one. While rare, it is possible for someone to have no given gems, but people feel really bad for them. Similar to birth gems, given gems can represent what a parent wants for their child or represent what someone wants for their relationship.


For now, that’s all I have to say about gems! I just wanna thank you all for taking an interest in Paragon Gem! This may or may not be my last post ever (possibly super sad), but I might see y’all on the flip next cycle. Take care!