Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Plastic Water™ Bottle

“Where will I end up tomorrow? Will I be the same as I am today?” — Recycling

I live in many forms, each vastly different from the another. I am a paragon of rebirth. I go through many cycles of change. I embody that change. But I’m not always able to undergo this magnificent transition. I have a divine creator, one who decides the path I go down. Tomorrow I might end up being teddy bear stuffing, the day after a plastic bag, but those aren’t my only limitations.

My creators aren’t careful beings. Many a time I get misplaced. Occasionally, I end up in oceans or forests, places I shouldn’t be. I harm others and I have no control over it. I met a friendly sea turtle once. Once. I was the cause of its demise. It never knew the horrors I could cause. I didn’t either. I could have just as easily become a new toy for a child, bringing a smile to their face. My possibilities are endless.

I symbolize the potential everyone has within themselves; they can change themselves. In their darkest places, in their worst of times, they can change their form and be reborn. Although, this can only be done with the help of others. Others play a huge role in deciding your fate. But just know, you can change. Nothing is ever set in stone. I am the perfect example of this. The form you start with does not have to be the one you end up as. You can create great happiness for those around you, or do the opposite. It is your decision which path to take.

I am the plastic water bottle, a symbol of new life. I come from small beginnings, but I end up making big strides. I represent the change in the world and how if you put your mind to it, you can become any and everything. How you choose to change is completely up to you and those around you. I am proof that choices made by others can alter the world around me. But I can show that a cycle of hate and destruction, can be stopped with the right decision.

I am the plastic water bottle and I know the true meaning of change.