And Dim Sum More: We <3 English

English is a very popular language considering there are 1.5 billion speakers across the globe. With the high popularity of western culture in Asia, many love sporting the language where it is most obviously seen: their clothes. While the language may be a complete mystery to those who wear these graphic tees, many other people who see their clothes may not know their meanings either, so it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense! Some have incorrect grammar, spelling, or are just random words strung together. You may see these types of graphic fashion in pedestrian markets or even established department stores.

The perfect good luck token!
This was one of the funnier shirts I saw during my 8th grade class trip to Guangzhou. What does CRIMIE mean and how does it bless us? Snag it for about $4 USD!

The language barrier in fashion actually goes both ways! While random English words are slapped on Asian shirts, some American companies love putting Asian characters on their clothing in hopes of making them edgier? Unique? Exotic? Who knows. Many times, the characters make no sense and leave Asian Americans chuckling, but also frustrated with American attempts to appropriate our culture.