Letters of Abstraction: Dear Friendship

Pietro Juvara

Dear Friendship,

Thank you for existing.

Thank you for being a part of my life. You are a miracle substance that just melts and fills up the cracks. You can be such a tricky thing to define and to obtain, but so worth it. I feel like most people underestimate your beauty, but the truth is that you can be incredibly fulfilling. I suppose you have your limits. You can only be allowed to fulfill so much. But here’s a little secret. You have no limits. As with every abstraction, it is completely possible to let you become everything. Anything can consume us, you in the best possible ways.

Can you be enough?

Is there more to life than just friendship?

Of course there is.

But most people don’t realize how much a good friend can transform them. I value you so much. Out of all the abstractions that I have, you are definitely my favorite. You do cause drama and stress every once in awhile (more often lately), but your pros far outweigh the cons. My main point with you is that people should never be afraid of you. Even if friends can hurt and drift apart and seem so hard to find sometimes. I understand that.

Do not ever let that stop you! In this hurricane of life, all it takes to be happy is the knowledge that someone else understands. Someone else is with us. Our job is to let others know that we understand them too.

With love,

-Letters of Abstraction