Tarot Time!: 14 Temperance

Tarot Time!: 14 Temperance

Before I begin my reading posts, I’d like to show you all the process of choosing a card and also the format of those reading posts.

The Process of Picking Your Card for A Single Card Reading:

  1. Knock on the deck. Doing this puts your energy into the card. The way I see it, you are establishing a temporary connection to the deck so that when you pray and ask your question, the cards are more familiar with your intentions and can answer accordingly.
  2. Hold the deck to your heart and pray. You don’t have to believe in a God to pray. All you are praying for is clarity and guidance; you can ask this from the universe, God, Buddha, Allah, or anyone or anything else you believe in. If praying just isn’t your thing, you can just think of your question. If you do pray, think of your question after your prayer.
  3. Shuffle the deck. You do this until you feel done which can be after one mix up of the cards or ten. It all depends on you; I only touch the cards in the beginning of the reading to hand you the deck and at the end when I spread them for you to pick. Think of your question while you shuffle so the deck can really have a feel for the answer it needs to reveal to you.
  4. Pick a card. This is when you hand the cards back to me and I go through them until you see one that looks or feels right. Sometimes the card that feels right is the one on the top of the deck and I don’t even need to go through the rest. Sometimes that card is in the middle or maybe towards the end, but no matter where it is, don’t hesitate.  If you see a card and it’s screaming at you to take it, then do it. There have been a few readings where I noticed the person hesitating and the card they ended up picking confused them. In a case like that, I just put the card back and then go through the cards again. Picking your card is all instinct, so hesitation is a terrible thing.
  5. Interpret the card. Most decks come with a book that holds the meanings of the cards. I typically hand this to the person and they interpret the meaning themselves since the way I would interpret the card would most likely be different from theirs. Another thing to look at is the art on the card. Yes, it is pretty and all, but it means something too. All decks have different art and they all carry different connotations and meanings, which is why it’s important to look at the artwork and not just the meaning of the card itself.

On another note related to shuffling: sometimes a card will fall out. 99% of the time that card is meant for you as well as the one you’ll pick. They provide more clarity to your question and are usually related to the card you pick. In some of the readings I do, you will most likely see this as it is a common occurrence. Though the order doesn’t really matter, I advise that the card chosen is interpreted first in the case that the second card was a genuine accident and has no meaning to your first card or overall question.

The Process of Formatting the Readings into a Post:

The title of each post will contain the name or names of cards that came up in the reading. In the case of this post, the title references one of my favorite cards, 14 Temperance; it is a part of the major arcana, but anyways, I digress.

The post will start off with the person’s question, then there will be a collage of photos of the process I mentioned above. Then there will be a photo of the card as well as my interpretation of what the book says it means. Lastly,  there will be one or two more photos of the person holding the card they chose and the card that fell out during shuffling if there is any. Next to the image will be their interpretation of the card word for word, for the most part. They will likely be edited for length and clarity, but I will always verify with the person that what I edited is still true to their interpretation.  

I do hope you enjoy Tarot Time! and learn some stuff about divination with Tarot cards!

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