Dream Counsel: Nights Out

Dream Counsel: Nights Out

SC: M707? You look eager to say something.

M707: You sir, have keen eyes. I appreciate your concern for me.

P705: Allow me to translate. He’s finally grabbed your attention.

M707: I’ve heard your services provided here are unrivaled by no other–

P705: Because there is no other therapy clinic that analyzes dreams… no offense, that doesn’t mean I don’t think your business is great.

M707: –and only demands a fair price in exchange for the knowledge I seek. Therefore, I must implore you all to listen.

P705: Meaning, you only charge a couple dollars a month for someone to listen to him.

M707: Ahem– thank you for communicating the urgency of my situation! But before we embark on the spiritual journey I had last night, may I politely ask my good friend here to refrain from interrupting?

P705: Well, good friend, allow me to point out that refusing to acknowledge the accuracy of my translations further enhances the validity of my statements. My deepest regret is allowing him to come here, regrettably realizing what a nuisance he has presented himself to be. All he has to say–

M707: I will take that as a yes! You will soon find my presence is required as your continuous support system. I am moved by all the people gathered here in seek of help, and only wish to share a tale in honor of these courageous beings.

SC: He’s already present in the moment, so why not listen to what he has to say? Whatever he has to share may sound like nonsense, but I’m here to make sense of that.

M707: Thank you! I’ll try and make this short in consideration for your patience.

And so he begins.

Amagi Brilliant Park

M707: Starring in my dream was none other than my cousin. He was looking for a fun time, so he decided to visit a strip club. When he entered the club, he was greeted by three shadows dancing around. As he got closer, he noticed they seemed to be… furry? At that moment, the flashing lights in the club lit up the stage. I must not have been right in the head when I went to bed, but the dancers turned out to be a ram, a bear, and a pink cat. Thinking back on it, I think they were the same characters in this anime I watched…  but despite the dancers being animated animals, my cousin started throwing dollar bills at them. May I add, the clothes they had on were now off, and not only that, but my grandma appeared to the great scene that had unfolded before her eyes. As any grandma would, she began lecturing him but in inaudible noise.



P705: Allow me to apologize on his behalf.

SC: No need, I’ve heard worst in this profession. Although I admit I was a bit taken back, only because he was the only one to request a verbal analysis, so what I had in mind was… different. Would you mind if I gave you your analysis right now?

M707: I’m known to be a misleading character after all. I do understand that my delusions of the dancers have sparked from that anime I watched but other than that, I don’t mind. Try your shot.

SC: What you’ve said so far is correct in terms of analysis. You may have been worried about the person you’ve dreamt about, or have thought about them often. This cousin has been on your mind lately, whether you’ve realized it or not. The part in your dream where he was throwing cash at the animals can be interpreted as a worry of wasting money on projects you may want to start, but you fear it’ll end in failure, or spent on junk you don’t need.

M707: Can that also be a deep desire to financially fuel the anime industry behind the scenes?

SC: I mean… sure, yeah. I guess. Whatever that means to you. Drawing your own conclusions is always welcome.

M707’s Letter of Analysis

Dear Patient in question,

Apologizes in advance for such a short letter, but all I needed to say has already been said. I’m sure you’d agree that further examination isn’t necessary. But in addition to this letter, I’ve attached a copy of my analysis just in case you’d like a record of the analysis on your dream. I’m glad you could join us for a Dream Counsel session, and we’d be glad to have you back any time a new dream comes up!

Best of luck to your spiritual night journey,

Specialist Connor of the Dream Counsel

Analysis attached

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